Google New Algorithm Penguin deals with Web Spam

Google New Algorithm Penguin

You seems to be wondered to know about algorithm, when we want some information about any topic, what we do? We go to the Google and search for that particular stuff. There are an algorithm, pre-written instruction which is called complex algorithm and mathematical instructions which has been used by various search engines. They actually run and complete our search results.

Google New Algorithm Penguin Updated to Fight With Web Spam

Well, now what happening! many website owner use black hat SEO, something like illegal collecting visitors from the internet which was needed to be tracked. It affects the legal website owners or true white hat SEO people’s business.

To overcome this Google launched their PENGUIN ALGORITHM which is dealing with spammers and black hat SEO, they trace the website, if any illegal thing or any spam link building found, Google penalize them. Google like those which websites which follow white hat SEO.

So, the main thing is that, the website owners should use white hat SEO technique, the following are things we should use to be safe from Google new Penguin Algorithm.

1. Don’t use copyright contents and images in your websites.

2. In article marketing, use only unique content not copy from others, and use high page rank article directly only.

3. Don’t spam your website link

4. Don’t create too much back links to your website in a single day. Try to get natural backlinks, focus on niche content marketing. People will link you automatically.

5. Stop Spamming

6. Don’t share your website link to those websites who use Black hat SEO, you may penalized from google search engine.

7. Don’t cheat your users, target the keyword according to your website niche or contents.

8. Don’t use too much keywords in your website, use only relevant keywords according to niche.

9. Try to get quality links.

So, the conclusion is that Google wants to break the spam with anti-spam algorithm called PENGUIN. The Black Hat SEO experts may have to suffer with their income and traffic, they need to make new strategy.

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