Get to rank 1 on Google


Get to rank 1 on Google

Do you want to reach the top on Google?

You are at the right place to have some important information about the activity on which you can reach on top of the Google. I will tell you some quick, basic and easy tips to get on top of the Google.

Get to rank 1 on Google

Get to rank 1 on Google

I think you must have you your own website. So start the first step for your mission. Let’s start the lesson. If you are already having your website, just make on-page analysis of your website. On-page is the most important activity of the SEO. In which you put some efforts to inform Google about your business.

There are two types of SEO like following:

1. On-page SEO (Set the Meta Tag with some essential code)

2. Off-page SEO (Link Building)

1. On-page SEO Activity

On-page activity is the most important part of SEO in which we set the Meta tags in the website code. Without this you cannot rank on Google. Because Google crawls your website code and find some relevant keywords in your title tag first and then in descriptions and in some others tags too like H1, alt, H2 etc. If Google does not find relevant keywords in these tags, your website will not list in the search engine ranking. So, it is most important. There are some Meta tags and other things which come in On-page SEO like following:

1. Website Title Tag

2. Descriptions

3. Keywords

4. H1, H2, Alt, Anchor Tags

5. Website Content (Most important according to keyword)

6. Google Analytics code

7. Google Webmaster

8. Sitemap (HTML, Google, Yahoo)

I will tell you how to set Meta tags in my next blog post.

2. off-Page Activity

After setting Meta tag and on-page SEO, we start building links of the website so that it will come on good rank position than your competitor. It is called Off-page SEO. In which we have number of things to do for link building like following:

1. Directory Submission

2. Social bookmarking

3. Article Submissions

4. Guest Posting

5. Forum Posting

6. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

7. PDF Submissions

8. Slide Submissions

9. Video submissions

10. Content Marketing

11. Blogging

12. Link Exchange

13. Advertisement etc

There cany be many techniques to build links, but that should be relevant and ethical. Then only you can be on top of the Google.

I will tell you in details about off-page SEO in my next blog.

By these two activities, you can come to the top of Google. You must remember that on-page SEO is important first in which your website must have some relevant contents according to your business keywords.

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