Five Important Rules in Website Design

Five Important Rules in Website Design

What is website? Our mind started thinking, somebody say It is the collection of information, some say its online service in which you can store your database, some say you can download songs, video songs, games etc.

But actually it is nothing but collection of information (text), media. It is needed hosting space but i am not going to discuss about what website is. I am here to discuss Five Important rules to design website.

First step is to choose your niche, according to niche choose and buy domain, then purchase the hosting space.

1. Prepare content

First as you started website designing you have to design the layout and all that, but when you going to publish your website’s content. For content you have to prepare content of the website. For content you should write or get it written from others. Be sure to copy the content from other site. It harms your website traffic. It is very useful information I reveal. When your website is listed in various search engines, the search engine’s algorithm dislikes the copy-paste content. So, be assuring about website content. At any case you never use the copy right content or content from other sites.

2. Banner Advertisement should not be used.

You should not use more Banner Advertisement in your website. It is the time of Smart people, every smart people ignore that. Search engine also ignore this. You can use text links instead of banner.

3. Easy to use website i.e. Sitemap

Design the website such like that anyone can use your website easily. They can navigate the full website easily. For that Use Sitemap, this can help to easy navigate the full websites.

4. Links

Search the most important links from the internet matching to your niche. Use those links in your website. Everyone go to your website but if do not stay there, this Search Engine’s Algorithm does not like. So make your website most useful with links.

5. Choose Affiliate

Now you have to decide the affiliate links from which you can earn more. Choose such links which give more earning and configure that affiliate links to your site, so that you can earn from your website too. It is part time earning for you.

Enjoy Earning

* Five Important Rules in Website Design, share your thoughts.


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