Top 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks

9 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks

I have researched and wondered to know about this facts about Facebook. I want to share with you some of them.

1. Facebook Chat Window in firefox mozilla sidebar

If you want to fix your facebook chat window always in firefox sidebar. You have to add it in bookmarks. You will always see your friends in sidebar. Whenever you open your firefox, it just shows your friends online.

2. Add Tweaks on your Facebook images

FaceTweak firefox plugin allow you to add many tweaks of your Facebook images.

3. Update your facebook without using Facebook

If you want to update your Facebook wall without using the this website, there are websites named and which allow you to updated your Facebook Pages and wall.

4. Schedule your facebook messages

If you do not want to send SMS right now, you can schedule your Facebook messages now, allow you to schedule your Facebook messages.

5. How to display only selected friends in your facebook profile page

If you want that only selected friends would show in your Facebook Profile page, if you do, here is a tip. click the edit option on your Friends box and type of the names of your friends which you want to show and edit the settings according to you.

Facebook friends edit


6. Remove Facebook annoying ads from your wall

Userscripts. There is a script which removes Facebook Ads from our wall.

7. How to display Facebook status in your wordpress blog or how to subscribe RSS of your facebook page

You might wondered that you can display your Facebook status in your wordpress blog.

8. Facebook Messagner from your desktop

facebook messager


There are many application which allow facebook chat from your desktop, if you are not allowed Facebook in your office, still you can chat online from your friends through this application. Facebook Messenger allow you to download the install the application, from which you can see and talk to your friends from your desktop like g-talk and yahoo messenger.

9. How to updated Facebook wall from Mozilla

Firefox firestatus plugin


Fire Status is a mozilla plugin which is used to update various social networking site including facebook.

10. How to download your Facebook Data.

You can download your all Facebook images, messages, events etc.

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