Facebook Should Be Banned In School?

Facebook Should Be Banned In School?

Facebook, you might be enjoyed see this topic, specially teenagers. Now a day facebook is very famous amongst social networking sites.

Recently I see a very disgusting thing happened in facebook in school campus, i saw a student has tounted a very distaste or disgusting comment on his lady teacher. The lady teacher has scolded him for some valid reason but student has taken it wrong way and write very wrong comment on the teacher wall, for that whole school students have seen this on facebook. The teacher felt insult with this activity.

In coming days we see such activity in the school campus. Now big question arise that, does Facebook should be banned in school campus or any alternate option should be come in facebook.

Facebook in Schools and college

For this activity, School department has decided to take action on banning facebook in school premises.

According to me, it is good for students in some points and also bad for other points, that is why peoples are thinking that Facebook Should Be Banned In School or not.

Good Points

  • Increase the knowledge the students
  • Connected through teachers and principal of own school, apart from own also connected through other schools too.
  • Connect all family and distant friends in facebook
  • Sharing your experience with friends and international friends
  • Students can participate in any debate program on facebook.
  • Facebook Notes, Facebook Events, Facebook Promotions of Schools, Facebook Page of Schools Where the school management can share the useful videos to their students.

Bad Points

  • If you start using all day long, it is a waste of time.
  • Spread bad things on facebook about individuals.
  • Putting inappropriate thing, i know, this activity has not been done by good students. Bad students do such activity and make it worse.
  • Insult people and take revenge from their enemy.
  • Fake Facebook Accounts
  • Post Bad Comments
  • Misuse of Facebook Messenger
  • Bad use of Facebook results depression also.

According to me, it is not possible to prevent such activity on social network, but for some time like in school hours or at home, it should be banned by their parents and teacher, so that they could not waste their time and concentrate on their study. In Facebook, people share the inappropriate things, pictures, and students get diverted from this. Facebook just banned this type of images and any kind of things, it should not be displayed on the student’s wall.

I personally was fedup with my Facebook timeline and my wall. Lastly I decided to use Facebook privacy settings like I have Un-followed many friends who used to share negative and hat-full content and follow those only who share positive or good vibes. I have also blocked many friends who spread negativity and bad comments. In this way, you can protect yourselves. Because we read that our mind read in the format of images and this negative Facebook information can harm our mind, intellect and impression.

Guidelines for parents and teachers

Facebook has given and mentioned all things for parents and teachers, so that you can prevent your teens, children, students to use facebook wisely and in a good way. There are many question has been solved by the facebook. You can see the Facebook guidelines.

Social Media Guidelines for Parents and Kids

I always used to watch and do research on health issue by media and social media. I watched these videos of Sister BK Shivani and found many things regarding social media and health issue. We as a parents need to give knowledge about social media to our children and tell them to do research or make project on the same. When our children will have enough knowledge about these social media, they could be able to understand the effect.

But they do have knowledge about it and no body gives this to children. You should watch these videos and also refer these to your children. It is all about the information which we are taking from media and social media or from various places. It effects on our mind and we become like those information. Check Out my Article on Negative Effects Of Social Media on society and our academic performance.

I have my own website named If you like such types of articles, check out my website for more useful posts for society.

Facebook’s has requirement to be 13 before creating new account. How you can change the privacy setting on your children’s account. See in the facebook guidelines.

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