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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

Peoples are wondering about Facebook Graph Search, and Google might also have surprised about Facebook Graph Search. What is it all about? This is the same question was in my mind. I started researching on the same for my clients, customers, users, subscribers and followers.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search is the local search engine; we can say that it is the local marketing tool for your products and services. The company, brand who has already registered in Facebook for promotion of their products and services who can be benefitted from this new tool. I heard that from this tool Retail Stores, Films, Books, Music related companies will be benefitted most.

When I have researched and type ‘Facebook Graph Search’ on Google and found first page of Facebook i.e. www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch, where I have gathered information about the same. It is the local search engine, no no! It will give results from your facebook friends, and friends of friends upon your search query. It incorporates the likes, dislikes, hobbies, posts, notes, photos of your friends and gives results on the basis of that.

Now you might understand that, what is all about?

When Facebook Graph Search will launch?

Right now, it is not decided yet. It will take some months.

How it will work?

According to me, as per my understanding, suppose, you have liked Pizza hut, if some of your friends will search about pizza hut, he will get results on the basis of your liked and pizza hut pages will be displayed on searching on the same topic. Am I Right?

One more example, I have searched a how many friends, i know in New Delhi, it has given results of my all friends living in New Delhi. It has taken results from my Friends and Friend of Friends data.

We will come into conclusion, when it will be launched and we will test the query. I will update you soon on the same topic.

Why Facebook Graph Search?

Friends, why we are talking on Facebook Search, because Facebook is going towards the big promotion and marketing tool for any companies, each and every companies has own their Facebook promotion pages, that time is not far when we will be talking about our Facebook Page followers, not about website, and this search tool will become so popular in future.

Right now, it is available on beta version, you are try Facebook Graph Search[https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch#] on your desktop, it is not for mobile. You can search based on the data uploaded on Facebook not from web.

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