Downloading Videos From Youtube and Dailymotion

Downloading Videos From Youtube and Dailymotion

People watch videos on the internet and eager to download them in their pc. Many people try to download youtube videos which they are watching. I would tell you how you can download any videos from the internet free without installing any software.

Downloading Youtube,Daily motion Videos

You just follow the steps and download videos and enjoy!
Steps :
1. Open the updated Mozilla web browser.

2. Now open and search for video Downloader plugin.

3. You find the link first, click it, i will show in my video.

4. Install that plugin and restart the browser.

Download the video by following steps:

1. Open the Mozilla browser

2. Search for any videos, suppose open

3. Play any video, you would see the download button just below the video.

4. Select the appropriate option and download the video.

Watch Instruction on Video

How to save youtube videos for offline viewing on android, iPhones, Windows Phones, Tablets, Ipads

Enjoy watching your favorite downloaded videos

New Option: Downloading Videos From Youtube by Saving to watch in Offline mode

Youtube is now allowing you to save videos for offline mode. There are some videos who allow you to save and download. In your smart phone, you just go to youtube Apps and play videos, you will see that there is a save button beside like button. You can save those videos in your phone to watch when you would be offline. You can save youtube video for offline viewing and watch those saved videos in offline mode. Youtube has given this new option to you.

Downloading Videos From Youtube

Downloading Videos From Youtube

Download Youtube Videos From Your Video Manager Dashboard Steps:

1. Go to your Youtube Video Manager.

2.Now click the Edit button next to any YouTube video

3.Choose “Download MP4” to download video as an MPEG-4 file

Downloading Your All Videos From Youtube Via Google Takeout

download youtube videos from google takeout

download youtube videos from google takeout

  1. Go to
  2. Create Archive Button
  3. Google Will now Create a Zipped File containing your all Youtube Videos which you have ever uploaded
  4. Once the zipped file is ready, just download this in your computer

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