Download your data from social sites


Many Social sites now allow downloading your data from your account, whatever you have used in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc you can completely download in your system as an archive file.

You know about download data from Facebook, Facebook allow you to download your all data like photos, messages, events etc. I would like to share with you some of the sites that, how you can download data from there.

Download Data from Facebook

download facebook data

Download Facebook Data

There are some simple steps from which you can download your data by following them.
Steps Follow:
1. Go to your Account and click button at right side

2. Choose Account Settings

3. Click on ‘Download a Copy’ of your Facebook data

4. Click Start My Archive

These are the simple steps from which you can download your Facebook data.

Download Data from Twitter

Twitter recently has announced that you can download your all tweets, whatever you would have posted in your twitter account. When twitter will launch this features, you can download it from your account in archive format, link will be send by twitter in your email id.

Download Data from Orkut, Picasa, Buzz and Google+

You can create backup by simply open this or if you are already in Google+, you can follow these steps:

1. Go and login into your account

2. Click your full name or email address in the google bar

3. You have to click on Account tab

4. Now Click Data Liberation on the left side

5. Select either Download your Data or download some specific service.

From these above mentioned steps, you can download your Google Data.

In this post, I have mentioned about three social sites data backup. If you want to add something in this article, you can comment below.

* Download your data from social sites



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