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It is very true that no one contextual ad is better than Google Adsense which is the successful in the advertisement and media among highest paying ad network.

I am here to guide you about my Google Adsense TOS which is very strict, if you are not following the same, your account may be banned. I am giving some important tips so that your account may safe. One example, suppose you used to post contents in your niche on daily basis, you have some strict content writing guidelines, you can not post contents like topic ‘websites to watch movies online’ and many more Google Poison words. It is the example and many more tips i will share with you today.

People from Asia always talk about banned Google Adsense account; they came to know the latest rules of Content Writing algorithm like Google Panda. They made some amendments in the TOS of Google Adsense.

You know, if you are using Google Translator plug-in in your Adsense website, you may be banned from it.

There are some policies which can make your account safe if you will follow strictly.

Common reason Adsense Accounts are banned from Invalid Activity

1. Clicking on your own ads

2. Embedded ads in the application

3. Invalid click

4. Wrong ad placement generating accidental clicks

5. Ask people to click on your ads

6. Paid Traffic

7. Getting Robot traffic

The Following reasons Adsense accounts are disabled for policy violation

1. Copyright Contents issues

2. Place Deceptive ad

3. Spun Contents

4. Adult Contents

5. Webmaster Guidelines violating

6. Illegal content

If you are already banned from Google Adsense, you can search more to find out the reasons and fill the appeal form to reinstate the account.

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Google AdSense Policies Overview

Google Official Adsense blog to know updates from Google Adsense

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