Directory submission tips in SEO


Directory submission tips in SEO

Today I will state you about directory submission. People have tradition myth that directory submission can harm the website ranking. But that myth is wrong. The right myth is that people use wrong method of directory submission. It was the only mistakes SEO people have been doing. Actually what happens, anybody who has been hired in the SEO Company, even they do not know why websites are submitted into directories.  They have been given for directories submissions.

Directory submission tips in SEO

Directory submission tips in SEO

You know why websites are submitted into directories? Please add comment in the comment section.

Directory submission is the good SEO practices for getting do follow links and referral traffic. But in last decade, it has been abused a lot by newbie’s SEOs, they have been given work and they submit blindly. They do not look for quality, they look for quantity only. Blindly they submit called bulk submission. They use any software for submissions by using same title, description, Meta keywords everywhere. For this reason, many websites have been penalized by Google. There are many things we have to see before any single submission.

Directory submission is very good marketing techniques in terms of SEO benefits, whether it would be submitted for good reasons and with quality purpose not quantity purpose.

For your information, I would like to state that, after penguin 2.0, many SEO people have left directory submission completely, and they used to think that there is no effect of it after Google penguin updates. But they were wrong. Many SEO personnel still used to submit in directories. Because they were doing quality work.

If you will run away for quality, no one can beat you, whether it is penguin or panda or any rules n policy. Quality persists for long time. So always work for quality, not quantity.

I will tell you complete details here, how SEO peoples commit mistakes while submissions. How to submit quality submissions and what is the benefit of directory submissions.

Recently I read the interview if Matt Cutt, according to him, directory see downside what Google webmaster team says about du2 submission.

Top mistakes in directory submission by SEO people

1. Choosing wrong title

2. Repeat same title everywhere

3. Use software for submissions

4. Use same description, keywords everywhere which will rise spamming by this duplicity.

5. They want quantity not quality

6. Submission in low page rank website

7. Choosing wrong directories

What should be the right techniques for directory submission?

1. Choose good page rank directory, we should choose directory which is quality site and good page rank. That should be getting good traffic and more searchable. Choose your directory in your niche. Do no waste your time to submit your website in different niche.

2. Choose the right categories and choose depth categories as much it is possible.

3. You have to prepare unique long tail title not exact match keyword, unique description (60-70 words for long description and 30-40 words for short description) and relevant keywords (3-4) before submission.

Do not copy and paste the same description for each submission if possible use unique description. In case all directories would be approved, the again duplicity problem will be occurred, so makes sure.

4. Do your submission manually because of fear of duplicity.

5. Use paid submission services if you want get approved fast.

6. Keep record of each submission to track the approval status later. Free submissions take too much time to approve.

7. Create anchor text link, use title which has rich anchor text.

8. Get your PayPal account ready if you are going to submit in paid directories.

“Second, don’t dismiss directories completely. I have heard people talking about directories being altogether bad and advice people to avoid them. This is not the case; good quality, moderated directories, or niche directories are still worth looking in to. “by Google webmaster team Andrew

Directory submission tips in SEO and its benefits

Boost your local search

Get good referral traffic

Increase website ranking

Get do follow link

Types of directory submissions

 Free directories

Reciprocal directories

Deep links directories

Paid directory submissions

Bidding directories

It depends upon you, which suits you. Try free directories if you do not set any budget for directory submission, DMOZ is the very good example of free directory. If your website is having good content and little popular, your website will be approved. DMOZ ( and yahoo ( are the good page rank directories. If you get link in such directories, it will be good for your website, because Google likes it.

You know about niche directories when submitting the website into directories, it is such directories which has some specialization like Indian wedding directory.  Only regarding Indian wedding services and products are listed in such niche directory.  Niche directory are getting popular, as Google like the link which h been created relevantly.

“Google like link relevance”

Paid directories

It is the good source of advertisement like yellow page, business listing or radio advertising, if you are choosing these techniques of advertising, the good to submit into paid directories it will give you good referral traffic and better SEO results.  Choose and make a list of good page rank and relevant directories and set your budget.

“Yahoo directories are the good example of paid directory, which will charge you but its links is equal to 1000 low page rank submissions.

I will share some top paid, reciprocal and some free directories

Top Paid directory list

Top reciprocal directories

Top free directories

Hope these help to newbie SEOs, Want to add more information, mail me or add your opinion at comment section.


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