Directory Listing of Websites

Directory Listing of Websites

Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions


The topic is might be new for someone who does not know about Yahoo Directory.

This is actually a Web Directory. I am not going to discuss more about that. You know well.

Yahoo provide two types of Directory Submission, first is Standard Listing which is free, in which there might be possibility to list. Another one is Paid submission where you have to make payment for review process.

Sometimes it happens that you listed your product and it was not placed in the category you requested.

All product and services has been reviewed when placing in yahoo directory. It depends upon the Yahoo’s Subject Editors where he has to place the site in rests of subjects.

When i was new to this i does not know about that exactly. Right now i have some websites which is listed in Yahoo, DMOZ Directories.

For our information there are some others sites like DMOZ,JOENT

Yahoo and Open Directory Project is the two rivals in size.

Open Directory Project means I am talking about DMOZ original name is Its owner name you know Netscape. It is also a very big directory services. if your website is listed in DMOZ too. It is very big deals for us.

Once your site is listed in these directories, your affiliate earning will be increased. If your website gets more traffic from GOOGLE, it will start giving traffic from yahoo too.

In Last, if you want your website would be also listed in these directories so you should design your website like that. Website’s content should be unique. If your website content would be unique, the search engine’ crawler will like that and you would get organic traffic from that. Then you will be eligible to list your website to those directories.

How to submit your website in Directory

In traditional techniques of SEO, we used to submit websites to the various relevant categories, it will boost our website ranking. Generally what happens, I will dictate you the complete details of directory listing:

As I have been working with many websites and blogs, I should know that what is the importance of directory submissions, if you are having websites related to website design, you should submit your website to directories related to website design categories, till only you will be able to give a new introduction to the world that what you are!

Many people used to search services and products in directories, so it will be useful for them. There are many such directories which has high page rank. As per Google Penguin updates, if you are submitting your website in low page rank websites and you are doing spamming, your website ranking can be hurt. Spamming means, you are submitting your website in many directories in one time, it is called spamming.

How to submit your website in directory

If you are planning to submit your website in directories, you will have to follow these steps:

1. Find your website’s Title, Meta, Description, Keywords, Name, Email etc

2. Search some good page rank directories, like Yahoo, Dmoz, Joent are the good and topmost directories. Search directory list and just go to particular directory and go to your niche categories.

3. Select your category

4. Click on Submit or Add website or Suggest website or search such button where you can suggest your website.

5. Fill the form

6. Submit

Note : There are three times of submission in directories, first : paid directories, second: link with reciprocal and third: regular links

Paid Directories : When you submit your website, you will be asked payment for that. It is approved very fast.

Link with Reciprocal : When you submit your website, you will have to place their code in your website, then your submission will be completed. It also take low time.

Regular Links : When you submit your website, you will have to fill form and just click on submit, your website will be submitted but it takes generally 4-5 weeks to approve.

That is it all about directory submission. If any update, i will be updating you soon.

Is directory submission still effective 2016?

It was so effective before 2013, but now a days, only good directory website is important. Local Citation has replaced the directory submission.

* Directory Listing of Websites


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