December Holiday Celebrations Around the World

December global holidays | December 2020 | Happy Holidays

December Global Holidays have been celebrated in the whole world globally. It is the sign of universal brotherhood. There are many festival like Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Boxing day and New year event which are celebrated globally. The year is almost ending and people are coming together and planning for their festivals.

December Holiday Celebrations Around the World

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December Global Holidays List

December 1st – United Arab Emirates (National Day)

December 4th – Farmer’s Day (Ghana)

December 6th – Independence Day(Finland),
December 6th – Constitution Day(Spain)

December 7th – King Bhumibol’s Birthday(Thailand)

December 10th – Constitution Day(Thailand)

December 12th – The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe(Mexico)

December 13th – Republic day(Malta)

December 16th – Victory Day(Bangladesh),
December 16th – Day of Reconciliation(South Africa)

December 18th – National Day(Qatar)

December 24th – Christmas Eve(Global),
December 24th – Independence Day(Libya)

December 25th – Christmas Day(Global),
December 25th – Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Pakistan)

December 26th – Boxing Day(Various Countries),
December 26th – Independence and Unity Day(Slovenia)

December 29th – Unduvap Full Moon Poya(Sri Lanka)

30th – Rizal Day(Philippines)

31st – New Year’s Eve(Various Countries)

What religious holidays are celebrated in December?

Religious festivals in December:

December 10th – Hanukkah(Jewish festival)
December 21st – Yule
December 25th – Christmas(Global)
December 26h – Kwanzaa(African holiday)
December 31st – Omisaka(Japan)

Due to Covid-19, all events may be postponed, we have to take care ourselves and others and choose the different ways to celebrate our festivals.

List of multinational festivals and holidays

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