Youtube Channel Custom URL

How to Create a Custom URL in Your Youtube Channel – YouTube Help
There is a great importance of custom URL in SEO. Custom URL of your Youtube Channel will enable the visitors and search engine to find your channels and will increase its visibility.
Youtube Channel Custom URL
Youtube Channel Custom URL

Youtube Channel Custom URL

You know How to change our Custom Youtube profile or Channel URLs: Have a look this research:


Add a Youtube Channel Custom URL

•If you want to create custom URL in your Youtube Profile or Youtube  Channel like following:

•By Default, Youtube Provides Channel URL like following format

You can change it, have a look steps live:

Go to

To add a custom URL, use the following steps:

•Make sure you’re signed into YouTube, and go to your advanced account settings.

•Under Channel Settings, click Create custom URL.

•You’ll then be able to choose the URL you want. Note that you can’t choose a URL that someone’s already chosen. Once you’ve chosen your custom URL, it will appear like this:

Have a look, I am changing my Channel URL


* Youtube Channel Custom URL


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