Control your data in Google after death also

Control your data in Google after death also

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There are many such situations when we require to download our data from the websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter. I already wrote the following:

How to download data from Twitter, Facebook, Google

Google notification on twitter

Google account after death

Google account after deathGoogle account after death

Now, it is a new revolution, many people asked Google regarding the data of their relative who had gone to the GOD. Google is going to launch a very good option. Think Friend, what should happen to our all data in Google like photos, emails, documents, messages everything. Google has given options to download our all data anytime, but they have launched a very good option to send your all data to your relatives and the person you trust after your death. Now this question has been resolved now that our data will be safe after our death.

 Inactive Account Manager Set up

Google data settings after death

Google data settings after death

There are four options available:

1. If your account has been inactive, you can set the time period, after how many times, your data will be deleted and what to do with it.

2. You can set option to alert, when your time period expired.

3. You can add person who is trusted to you, the added person will only be notified after the expiration of your time period of inactive account.

4. You can set option to delete your account on your behalf.

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* Control your data in Google after death also


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