Content Marketing has replaced SEO Marketing and Promotion


Content Marketing has become essential step in SEO; I will not say that it replaced the SEO Marketing and Promotion. It has its own role. I am going to share with you some of the importance of Content Writing and Marketing in my experience.

I see there are many updatation occurred in the Google Search Engine Panda Algorithm, in which there are many such websites which has duplicate content or bad content i.e. not relevant and written for the sake of bad link building, it would not work more in the future. In the latest updates of Google Panda Algorithm, heavily content (targeted) and link spamming will not be good for any websites and blogs.

I mean to say in this article that due to search engine updation, many of the people has started content marketing, so their SEO department has renamed to Content Marketing from SEO Marketing and Promotion.

SEO Marketing and Promotion

There are many such activities we do in this marketing and promotion like following:

1. Onpage Optimization
2. Directory submission
3. Article submission
4. Social bookmarking
5. Press Release submission
6. One way link building
7. Blog comment links
8. Search engine Submission
9. Article creation.
10. Press release creation
11. Classified Ad creation.
12. Keyword research
13. Competitor Analysis
14. Heading tag changes
15. Alt tag changes
16. Interlinking wherever required.
17. Keyword density in site content.
18. HTML Site Map
19. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
20. Classified ad Posting.
21. Forum Posting
22. Link Building for Page rank
23. Google Analytics
24. PPC(Pay per click)
25. Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing etc

You see, there are many things we do in SEO Marketing & Promotion.

Content Marketing

1. Writing Content for website
2. Writing Content for Blog
3. Writing Review
4. Write and Post Article in Good Page Rank Website for Link Building
5. Blog Commenting
6. Ebook writing
7. Copy Writing
8. Press Release Writing etc

You can see, why we call content marketing now a day, because it has become effective in SEO Part. After the Google Panda Updation, Google target good content website only with good links, the one who do link spamming, they have been behind in the search engine.

Content Writing is just like dry bread without clarified butter (ghee), so if you writing content, you have to have some butter too like keywords, design, pictures etc

Content Marketing team in the company used to write content for the promotion of company’s product and leave press release time to time. After the Google Panda Updation, many SEO Promoter and Marketer has started focusing on Content marketing for the promotion of their products and services. Panda Algorithm came in the market which has changed the marketing strategies of SEO promoter and taught them to market with quality content.

I am a big fan of SEO Marketing and Promotion and Content Marketing, I used to write good and quality content for various websites and blogs which is useful for websites.

I started Freelancing writing services on where I used to get orders from various companies who wanted to get good content for their products and services and blogging.

Many Big Companies started their content marketing promotion from blogging with social bookmarking like Cadbury UK, Infosys, Burberry etc


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