Check Seat Availability Indian Train Railways Passenger Enquiry

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Railways Passenger Enquiry

I would like to tell you the most important website in India today, many people does not have time to go to railway station to check the seat availability and booking of the train ticket.

Indian Railway has two important website to check the seats and also book the ticket from there also.

First of all the Indian Railway has site named, which has many options, but here i would tell you, how you can check seat availability in this website.

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Railways Passenger Enquiry

Check Seat Availability | Indian Train | Indian Railways Passenger Enquiry

Just go to, and fill the form like the following:

Here you should know the train number with station code, and then you would be able to check the seat availability.

If you do not wish to fill the form, you can direct click on the left side

Here there are three options available

Availability at Major Stations

* Next 7 Days availability report

* Next 7 Days Tatkal availability report

* Earliest date of available berths/seats

Where you can click and see the availability report.

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Enquiry

There is another one official website where you can check and direct book the ticket from their self named you can check seats availability, tatkal booking tickets, premium booking tickets etc where you can book railway tickets. Apart from these, this website also enable you to book hotels, cabs, shopping etc.

Indian Railway Train Running Status Live

There is another most important website by Indian Railways to check the current status of your train in which you are going to travel. You can check running status live before travelling. So that you will be able to know about your train status weather it is late or on time. It is most important website of Indian Railway named It shows the whole details of your train like current stations, expected time for arrival and departure etc.

Before using this website named, you have to create the login and do login, after that you have a dashboard, where you can plan your travel at left pane, you have to fill the form and click find trains button, the vast Indian railway database will be fetched pressing find trains buttons and will give you the required details, where you can book the ticket after checking the seats.

Checkout the video for full demonstration:

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