Can you make money without Google Adsense?

 Can you make money without Google Adsense?

I have told many friends whose Google Adsense account has got disabled in past days that you can still make money without Google Adsense. Do not worry a lot. I know it is very frustrating for people whose account has got disabled. I am writing this helpful post for them. It is not the end…move further and try to find some better opportunities…

Google AdSense Account Disabled

Can you make money without Google Adsense?

Can you make money without Google Adsense?


Make money without Google Adsense?

When you receive this message from Google, it is very frustrating to find out the correct reason for it. You can not find out, Google will never share any information about that because intentional violators can take benefit from it. Google Adsense Policies are very tough; you can not cheat with these policies. So better understand the policies and make such website which would following the Adsense Policies[] well.

Wait, one chance for you?

Google Says:

“In some cases, publishers can make significant changes to correct the violation and are willing to comply with the AdSense program policies ( For this reason, we offer an appeals process as an opportunity to work with you to resolve the issue. To help you with the process, we’ve created a list of the top reasons for account closure for you to review before submission at Please be sure to provide a thorough analysis in your appeal, which you can submit at and we will follow up accordingly.”

You can appeal to reinstate your account, if you feel that you have not violated policies.

Steps to Fill Appeal Form:

1. Go to Appeal form (

2. Fill all the information correctly(they ask for any proof for traffic source and general information), write honestly.

3. Wait for 1-2 weeks

Make Money without Google Adsense

No doubt, Google Adsense is the winner to serve and manage ad network and known as the best contextual Ad Network. But no need to worry when your account gets disabled, you can still make money from various sources. It is very sorry to say that you can not get another Adsense Account once if disabled.

I am writing for those people who are trying to get an approved adsense account and the one whose accounts are disabled now, for both it would be helpful.

Disabled Adsense Account?

No worry, think about those person whose Adsense Account could not be able to approve and he wants to make money without Google Adsense?. It is very tough to get an approved Adsense account. Let me tell you my story, when I had started blogging, I had no idea about Adsense or any other money making affiliate. I used to write to help people and for my passion. After some time, I came to know about Google Adsense. Some of my friends were making money from it. I have applied too. There are many affiliate networks available who give good opportunities to earn money. Try out this Dollar Income sites:

  • Go Daddy Affiliate
  • Dreamhost Affiliate Sale
  • Infolink Ads
  • Chitika
  • Amazon KDP
  • SureHits
  • Brokers Web
  • Kontera
  • BuySellAds

So you do not have to worry about. Try out another ads network in your website and earn money.

Earn Money from your Skills

If you are having passion of writing or blogging, give freelance writing services at various website like fiverr, eLance, oDesk, Guru etc

You can use your own skills to earn more. If you will start writing, you can earn dollars from your own writing skills. You can publish your own ebook like Amit Agarwal did (150 most useful websites)at Amazon Kindle and earn royalty income. It is only one time effort and you will have your own dollar income site like Amazon Kindle Store with your own written books.

There are many affiliate programs available for every kind of niche like finance, fashion, relationship, health, education etc. You have to find out such affiliates only to use in your blogs. is the platform where you can search affiliates for every kind of niche. Affiliate marketing has been adopted by many marketers in the world. You can make money from affiliate marketing.

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