Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress 2018

Buzzler Business Directory Theme

An amazing premium listing theme, Buzzler, is the ideal business directory software and theme for medium and small business owners.

Buzzler is a very exciting WordPress directory theme and one of the best software for WordPress. Launching a new review website or a launch directory is very simple with its reach feature framework; this will help in making money from the word go after Buzzler has been downloaded.

The addition of geotagging and geolocation capabilities and use of Google maps is a major plus, as launching geo map directory becomes a breeze, all thanks to this feature.

Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

The feature-rich admin area allows the user to take control of everything happening on the directory website, therefore making it easy to access everything. The Buzzler directory theme allows the admin to change layout, color, design and a lot more; the user can customize everything and give the website a unique look, a life and individuality of its own, thus helping in making it standing out.

The predefined payment packages make it really easy to define fee, paid and featured listings that apart, it also helps with user membership. The best part is that it can be easily integrated with BuddyPress, and thus making it a review network website which is on the same lines as Yelp.

Mentioned below are some of the key features of Buzzler. These features show all the available monetization tools, it also helps in enlightening with how to make money using Buzzler. It has amazing wordpress themes and some fantastic tools to help grow your blog in no time.

WordPress Business Directory Script

  1. Multiple monetization tools

Buzzler has multiple advertising spots, hence making it easier to squeeze money from your website; charging for a featured listing, or normal listing becomes really easy. Selling membership or charging per listing image is equally simple. A free website directory is available and selling advertising spots is a cake walk.

  1. Easy color picker

The color picker tool allows users to mix and match different colors in order to make the website stand out. Combining various layouts and colors leads to some of the most interesting results. The user has total control over the creation of the website, and the user interface can be used by a newbie as well.

  1. Multiple layouts

The admin settings allow the user to choose between 5 layouts, a number of widgets can be dragged even on the homepage. Installing sliders and fancy scripts is a breeze.

  1. Custom User Dashboard

The user as a private dashboard through which the current listings can be controlled, also new listings can be added to the watch list. Personal details can be altered and the best part is that reviews can also be controlled.

Features of Buzzler Business Directory Theme

  1. Multi-language use

The use of GNU gettext WordPress localization framework allows all the strings to be kept in a pot/po file which is a massive advantage. A special tool called POEDIT can be used to translate an English file into native or any other language.

  1. Social connect

Buzzler supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Yahoo login option, thus allowing users to log onto to the website using their social media accounts.

  1. Custom Fields

Buzzler has its own form builder which allows the user to add a custom field for each category, whenever they are posting a listing.

  1. Extra file uploads

The addition to file uploads really helps in adding extra information in the form of DOC, ZIP, PDF and other file formats.

  1. The bookmark system

The user can easily use bookmarks to add to their favorite list which they can easily watch later. It is a useful tool for returning users and customers.

  1. Advanced search feature

The user can easily search based on location, category, plus radius, custom fields on the basis of their address or zip code.

Payment option available of Buzzler theme

  1. Payment Gateways

Buzzler has a number of integrated payment gateways for collecting money. So Moneybookers, PayPal, Payza etc are available.

  1. Claim listings

In case the user’s business has been posted on the website by someone else the listings can be claimed easily by using a special feature.

Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

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