Building your own SEO TEAM after updating Google Panda

Building your own SEO TEAM after updating Google Panda

Why you make your own SEO Team


I love to write about SEO. SEO is somewhat nothing but a very good promotional activities of your website. It contains various natural process to promote your website and getting business.

If you are looking for to hire an SEO team, must read it before. It will give your full introduction about how and why to hire team for that. SEO team is essential for every company. You should create your own team, if you also want good business. Once your company or your company comes in first of the search engines, you will not have reasons to leave it and can boost your business too.

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Why We need SEO TEAM?
Google Panda Update
Create a SEO team in your organization
Boost your SEO Team


SEO team is very urgent if you are doing web designing and doing any kind of business. It is needed in each and every company who need online promotion of their business. Today is the world of Online promotion of your business i.e. Internet Marketing, social media etc. Every company should understand it and hire SEO professional for their website or make a team of that.

Why We need SEO TEAM?

In SEO, sometimes lot of work become pending and that time we need some more person to manage these thing, i will give you one example that if you are promoting your website through SEO and doing various promotional activities like article submission, directory submission etc then you will realize that we need full SEO team to fully organize our SEO work at particular website. So friend,did u realize how important the SEO team.

Google Panda Update

After updating the Google Panda, lot of SEO activities become essential to promote website like Article Submission, Create good backlinks, Linking of your website in good page rank website.

Create a SEO team in your organization

For creating a SEO team, you have to hire various people for various work like follow

1. Web Developer

Web developer will do your website on-page optimization and edit your website according to need. He will prepare your website for Search Engine Optimization. He is the only person who can understand your website code and java-script coding. Once you need any type of HTML, JavaScript, or dynamic codes putting or editing, then he will do anything for your website. He can create your website mobile or any other device optimized, so that the mobile users can also open your website in mobile too.

2. SEO Manager

SEO manager will be the leader the full SEO team and can take care the management of all SEO activities, he can make decisions of any activities. He should have all updated knowledge of SEO and can collaborate with all the team.

3. SEO Analysts

An SEO Analysts should have the knowledge of all the good SEO techniques like content writing, link building, directory submission etc. He can keep reports of all things like page rank of your website, ranking on all keywords etc. An SEO analysts can do on-page and off-page optimization both.

4. Content Writer

Today, Content writing is very essential for any companies. He should have good knowledge of writing contents. Content writing containing Article writing, news feed writing, press release writing, company policy writing, email writing, copy writing etc. There are various things he/she has to write in the company. It is the part of SEO.

5. Link Building

Link Building is one of the SEO activity, a link builder can create good backlinks with other matching website and keep full management. Various others activities can be done like link exchange and paid link exchange etc.

6. Social Media

Social media become very important tool now a day. Every body start using Social sites to connect with their friends, relatives, clients, customers etc. So you have to hire a social media marketer to perform any social activities of the company like share an updated news about website of company, an every management, group management, social sites page management etc and make a good relationship with clients and fans.

Boost your SEO Team

In the above tips you learned why you need SEO team in your company, now I am going to tell you about how you can boost your SEO team and give training to all of them. Call a good and SEO expert trainer for your team and give training about all updated news about SEO. An SEO trainer should have updated information about search engines and all that. Do not think that we know everything, just participate all the team in the training sessions.

* Building your own SEO TEAM after updating Google Panda


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