Blogging Generating Backlinks, Leads And SERP Ranking

Blogging Generating Backlinks, Leads And SERP Ranking

As we know, now good and engaging contents are the only king which can generate leads and it has a power to rank your website too. Google used to say to the people that the only medium to rank your website is to generate natural back links which can come from the quality contents.

Blogging Generating Backlinks, Leads And SERP Ranking

Blogging Generating Backlinks, Leads And SERP Ranking

Blogging Generating Backlinks, Leads And SERP Ranking

If you can generate good and engaging long tail contents, your contents will get more likes and shares in your social profile and get back links which is the important factor to get rank and generate business leads. I was reading a blog which says the greatness of quality contents. I will share my practical experience with my clients, as I am a senior SEO consultant; I am facing various kinds of issues with our clients.

Let’s discuss how client think now.

Case study on keyword analysis

One day, one client contacted us whose name is Steve, he has got his own eCommerce products. He told us to suggest words for his website in which he want to get rank. We have suggested many 4 words, 3 words, 2 words and single words and sent to him. He has rejected clearly, he has not specified his requirement clearly. There is some confusion with business development team. Again we have researched some words, again he has rejected.

Blogging it’s all about generating back links, leads and SERP ranking

Now our business development team put me through the client for long discussion that actually what kind of words he wanted for his website. I wondered to see him that how technical he was! He told me to only give long tail words which should be combination of 5-6 words and contains his word of choice but look like amateur. Now I got and read his mind that what kind of words he wanted. Then we have researched such kind of words and sent. Now he was satisfied with our work.

This was one of the case studies which I faced with the client. There are many such issues I used to face with our client day by day. I will be sharing with you.

In this blog post we are talking about blogs contents, how blog can help you to get ranking and generating leads.

Importance of blog to generate business leads

Suppose you have a business website and you have not any article, blog section in your website, how would you expect traffic and visitors in your website, you can get if your website content would be optimized with long tail. But if you have article and blog section in your website and you keep updating with 2-3 blog posts and 2-3 good helpful articles daily then you can say yourself today trend content marketer and you will be on top and can generate good business from your website. Blog can solve each and every query of your prospect clients and visitors. Let’s have a look what content expert Jeff Molander says:

“Content that creates leads is content that fosters confidence in buyers. The difference between content that converts and all the other crap out there is the ability to give prospects a taste of success.”


Write engaging contents

Writing is not big deals now, SEO content writing following Google Ranking Factor has been changed now. You can write your contents by yourself. You should keep reading many blogs in your niche and write something like that which can help your readers and those blog posts can be shared and liked more and more and can get good backlinks too.

How to do SEO of your website by own self

Google has made it very easy to market your products and services, now you can do MARKETING so called SEO by own self. No need to hire anyone for that. The only skills you should have to write good contents with long tails of your business words and contact people who offer you for guest post. If you can write by yourself then you can market too. So don’t put yourself to hire any SEO for link building like guest post, social media, content marketing. You can get help from SEO consultant initially to setup your website onetime to make website relevant and 100% optimized.

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