One Indian Girl Review – A ‘Feminist’ Book without any Feminism – By Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl Review – A ‘Feminist’ Book without any Feminism – By Chetan Bhagat

This is the seventh novel of India’s largest fan based writer Chetan Bhagat. That is also the first of its kind for the writer. And also the first on a women viewpoint for the writer.

The novel is based on the different views of people on a girl living in a city with big achievements and success. That makes the girl with many problems to find love and other options.

Front Side of Book Cover

One Indian Girl Review

Pic by Amazon:One Indian Girl Review

One Indian Girl Review by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl is the seventh novel by India’s famous and largest fan based fiction author, Chetan Bhagat. Bhagat is a writer, who is famous for including almost every topic in a fictional novel, whether it’s on romance or politics or any other bitter grounds.

He is the writer, with so much opinion about almost any topics, and this seventh one of his is no different. This is about an Indian girl with big achievements and success with women empowerment.

Backside of the Book Cover

One Indian Girl Review

One Indian Girl Review

Storyline of the book

This novel is about a girl, who is well educated, much successful with a lot of intelligence in her. This came with a big drawback in her life, which having difficulties to find love.

The novel deals with all sorts of inequalities for a girl, a society where you being a girl will always get judge for achieving something. In the world of men, a woman with intelligence and success might get you stuck in a position to fight with all sorts of hurdles in life.

The female lead protagonist named Radhika is all successful, and it’s time to get married. This point of the scene is starting to this judging the personality of the girl, and it leads to the never ending battle of feminism.

The lead protagonist is a girl with having an opinion on every topic to everything, which is a big no in our Indian society. All the hustle and tussle of a girl being prosperous and radicle about society fingering upon women are there in the book.

Sturdy points of One Indian Girls by Chetan Bhagat

This is the first time the writer has put the issue of feminism in his book and with all the episodes of governing a woman in the Indian society. The speculation of ‘how come a woman can get success in her life’ and the other burdens of being a woman. In the world of non-equality, a woman is very much targeted and is all projected on our lead female protagonist.

Weak points

Being protagonist, the character is somehow weak and sometimes a little insane. And you can find about the all other characters are being borrowed from Bhagat’s previous novels.

This story allows all the office romance and social life love sequences without a lack of responsibilities. As its being mentioned in the title of this article, the word used in the novel as ‘feminism’ but it doesn’t look so.

Should people go and try this?

The main verdict of this novel is that Bhagat has sought a new thing this time. And with all due respect to the readers, this does give a touch on feminism. This is the first time; the author has to write on a female protagonist. And has shown a little part of feminism of him as well.

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What do you feel about One Indian Girl Review by me, please share your opinions in comment section. Your opinion is important.

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How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

Is it really possible to make 200 dollars in a week online? Yes, but you do require some skills. If you are looking for answers that involved filling forms, selling your blood or kidneys else selling stuff at home, this article not meant for you.

Ways To Make A Nice $200 On The Internet in a week

It’s for those serious enough to take the online market into their hands and make the best out of it. So, what kind of skills do you need to make 200 dollars fast.

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

How Can I Make 200 Dollars A Day Online?


The most lucrative job offer on the internet is teaching. There are many sites where you can sign up for teaching subjects online at You can teach for a particular age group and also give lessons on a specific section of the chosen subject.

Virtual Assistant

The second most attractive job that answers the question on how to earn 200 dollars in a day is that of virtual assistant. As a VA, you have to answer your client’s phone calls, make appointments, setup a website like, take ticket bookings, etc. All your activities will involve tasks that can be done from your location.

However, the key skill needed to be an efficient virtual assistant is good networking. You should be able to quickly connect with business professionals who can help complete assigned tasks quickly. Which can be anything ranging from setting up a mobile-friendly site, booking train tickets to finding information on a particular event in the city etc. You have to be quick in sending messages, photos, adverts and above all using social media and its various tools.

How to make 200 dollars fast With Writing 

The third most inviting job offer on the net today that shows an easy way to make 200 dollars fast per day is writing. Everyone from doctors to kids are writing something and posting articles either free or for a pay. Since you want to make serious money through writing, you must be good in telling a story, as this is what’s needed to make an impact on the audience. Sign up for high paying gigs in job boards offering freelance writing work like in Fiverr. When you show a work, the writing should speak for itself.

How to make 200 dollars in a week online Translation

Translation is a very attractive income earning work sphere.  We all would have learnt a smattering of a second language during our school days and now’s the time to polish it and put it to good use. Today, translation jobs are available for many languages as businesses are spreading their operations to various parts of the globe. Sharpen your second language skills and pass certifications quickly. You can opt for high paying translation gigs that fetch more than $200 per day.

Setup Facebook, Twitter and Manage

Help businesses setup a profile page on Facebook and Twitter and earn $200 per day fast.  Both these social media sites are highly popular, but the problem is that many people in your local business area have no clue on how to use them to advertise their business.

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Pay To Click Sites

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Make 200 Dollars Fast to be a Youtuber

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Website Blog Traffic Source

Website Blog Traffic Source

Website or blogs traffic is all about your visitors in the search engine who is looking for the same thing whatever you are listed in your website or blog.


What is website traffic?
Why do you need website traffic?
How to increase your website visibility?
How to monetize your website or blog for higher visibility?
What is organic traffic?
How do you track the website traffic?
What is the good way to SEO your website?


Website Blog Traffic Source

Website Blog Traffic Source

What is Website traffic?

Website or blog traffic is containing visitors or clients who is looking for the same services or information which you are looking for. It is calculated on the basis of number of visitors. It can be monitored each time and also can be tracked each pages and post. Everyone wants visitors in their websites for higher visibility. You can see further how can you increase the visibility.

Why do you need website traffic?

Everyone need it, here I do not know why you need exactly website traffic, but it is needed either you provide any specific services or information on particular subjects. Sometime you want to sell something like your own products or affiliates then you need it, sometime you want to sell your services like food selling, garments selling etc.

Types of Web Traffic

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Referral Traffic
  3. Direct Traffic
  4. Social Media Traffic

How to increase your website visibility?

That was all about the basic thing you read yet, now the question is all about how? You are owning your websites and not getting traffic, do not need to worry about, you can increase your website traffic too like many successful bloggers and websites. The only thing you need to do that you update your website daily with quality content,that’s all. You do not have to do any external seo. Just update it daily with high quality content. People will be linking you automatically.

How to monetize your website or blog for higher visibility?

Till now you came to know about how to increase the website traffic, but some thing you have to do first in your website or blog before updating the same, you need to arrange or monetize.

There are something you need to do:

1. Use Descriptive Title
2. Use Header tags in the title and subtitle
3. Use short description in your meta tag and some relevant title in meta keywords
4. Use sitemaps and robot.txt file
5. Submit the sitemap in webmaster tool for good google crawling

What is organic traffic?

When you will search any topic in the google or any other search engine, you will see first in the top some sponsored ads, they are not organic results, but ads you will see some results listed, they are organic results.

In the Internet somebody search for how to create pdf file?, and your website contains same information, then google or any other search engine will list your website in the top. This is organic traffic. This is also can be generated directly from web directories, classified etc.

How do you track the website traffic?

If you are havings many websites and getting traffic, then you will think, how to track those traffic, from where you are getting traffic, in which keyword you are getting traffic, you want full records of that and want to track everything of each websites and blogs.

Now what do you do? you will go to google and search for that, what are the tools to track the visitors. You will see.

So, There are various tool to know about your traffic like google analytics, Statcounter. These website provides complete records about your website traffic. In both website, you have to create account first. Once you created, you will have option to add your websites, They will provide you the code to include in your website or blog. Just add that code to the particular location and verify it. They will track and show the records of your visitors.

What is the good way to do SEO your website?

There are two ways to do SEO your website, one is White hat and another is Black Hat. Do not use black hat SEO to increase your traffic, you may be penalized from the search engine, use only ethical way to improve your search engine ranking.

* Website Blog Traffic Source

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