Best places to find content marketing ideas


Best places to find content marketing ideas

Are you having trouble with content marketing ideas. I see many people find difficult to start their content marketing, I do not have clue for that. I see my colleagues also, they have difficulty to write contents or they can keep writing in their relevant categories. In this blog post, I am going to dictate many easy content marketing ideas which will be helpful for them. By these ideas you can keep writing for your site. These thing are occurred daily in your life, you use it daily but one interesting thing is, you can get many ideas of creating contents.

Best Content Marketing Ideas and Best places to find content marketing ideas

1. Yahoo answer

Use yahoo answer to get ideas like while you are answering the question, before that you can write article or blog on the same question, answering that particular question. You will have many questions and answers in your niche, you can search over there. When you search any topic in yahoo answer, lot of solved and unsolved question you will find. You will have many ideas in your niche. Yahoo answer is the best place to solve any question. If you never used yahoo answer ever, so start using this to get new and updated topic ideas.

 2. Quora

Quora is the growing website for blogging, question/answers etc, it is same like yahoo answers, where you can blog also. You will find long and clear answer here. I will given you some screenshot too.

3. Hubpages

You know friends, Hubpage is the place where it is tough to get your article approved, its articles are very good quality. It has one discussion section in which you can discuss your questions and get various ideas about your website content.

4. Google

When you write search term in Google, it will give you keyword suggestion which can give u a great idea for creating further contents. When you search in Google, just see below the search results, you will find related search results like following.

You can have many related keywords in which you can create contents.

Best places to find content marketing ideas

Best places to find content marketing ideas

5. Google trends

Google Trend is the platform where you can get latest trend of searches according to latest Google hot searches. It gives results according to the popularity of the topic.

6. Youtube

Intention is to look relevant things when search for anything, here in Youtube, when u search for any videos, you will get many relevant videos matching to your searched term.

7. Subscribe related blogs for reading

When I had started blogging and writing, I subscribed many blogs relevant to my niche of interest. By this act, I usually get updated news and articles, from that we can get content ideas. For example, I have an interest on internet marketing, I have subscribed Google alert, shoutmyloud, labnol blog, seohour, search engine land, search engine journal, Moz blog to make myself updated.

 8. Get ideas from SMO

Do you promote your brand in social media websites? People spent a lot of time in social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Google+. You can absorb many content related ideas from there by interacting in your related topic. Suppose you follow any community in Google+ or you follow a company who deal in your interest of subjects.  You just liked these pages so that you can get updated posts. When you posted something In your website, post that link in Google plus also. It helps you to interact with your fans and readers and also help to get their views on your articles.

Same follow in twitter, follow people in your related topic to get news from their website.

 9. Forums

Forums is the great place to get ideas in your topic, many people ask question in the same niche, you can get many people views on the the same question. You have to find your related forums and have to spend time answering questions there.

You can absorb the same strategy like Yahoo answer like you find out a question in which you can write a blog post by answering the same question, you can put link of that blog in forum. By this you can promote your blog too in such forums. By the SEO prospects,  you will get benefit of that blog link.

10. Linkedin groups

You would have heard about this popular social media sites like LinkedIn, we know that it is best social sites for professionals, here you will get quality content ideas, which would be very professional one. Here like Facebook, Google+, you will find relevant groups in which you can discuss about any topic in your subject, very professional answer you will find there, there is no bad answers. Linkedin group will give you many content ideas fir your blog.

There are many article, blog site in which you search for any topic, it will give you related articles and blogs links, by which you can get related ideas about your website niche.

11. Google alert

Google Alert is the place where you can get email updates according to the latest Google Latest updates of the Google results; you get latest updates about your asked queries. You daily get emails in which you have subscribed. You can get update content ideas from those emails.

It is very tough to write in same topic daily, but upper mentioned platforms will be motivating you for running daily content marketing campaign.

If you have any new content marketing ideas, just give your opinion in the comment section or send me to include in the article with your author link.

* Best places to find content marketing ideas


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