Automate Drive Defragment Session

Automate Drive Defragment

Disk Drive Defragment session

Disk Drive Defragging is the must tool for using your system fast. When we use the system, lot of memory have been deleted and initialized, so to arrange the memory, we have to defrag our hard disk drives once in a week.

Automate Drive Defragment

Automate Drive Defragment

How to automate Disk Drive Defragging

Steps Follow

Start>All Program>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter will come and there you will see ‘Turn on Schedule’ button, just click and open it and Disk Defragmenter Modile Schedule will be opened, where you can set the Frequency, Day, Time, Task to schedule your Disk Defragment sessions.

disk Defragmenter Schedule

disk Defragmenter Schedule

Now it will enable you to automate your disk defragment session, so that your computer can become fast and productive.

Now, schedule you also for fast working with your computer once in a week.

* Automate Drive Defragment

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