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Atomic mail sender has become the GOD in Email Marketing, lot of email has been sent in few minutes and lot of time we would save in the blinking of eye.

In today world, we have very much requirement of sending emails in our business. Suppose we have 1000 number of clients and a specific email has to be sent to all of them in one time like festival wishes, product updates, product newsletters etc. Now for sending the emails to all of them, we need lot of man powers, this Automatic Mail Sender Software enables us to send Bulk emails to all of them in one time and we do not need man powers for them. It has become easy in only 79.85 USD one time. Now a day, all of the service based company need this software to make their system automated and time saving.

According to me, this Automatic software is wonderful and match our requirement, It gives very high performance for our email marketing campaign and sending important emails to all clients at a time.

Some of the important features we noticed

1. Unlimited email addresses in mailing list
2. Unlimited frequency of emails
3. Personalized emails
4. Direct email sending
5. SMTP Server Supported
6. Supports custom headers, DNS, proxies
7. Set the number of emails in particular time to avoid back listing of bandwidth problem.
8. Import mailing lists from word, access, excels, text, CSV, outlook etc

According to me, I would rate 5 out of 5. It will help your business to grow fast and give opportunity to do smart business and let your customers be updated about your product and services.

Sometime we need to send or give notifications to all the clients, it become weird when we are having many clients and all have to be notified at a same time, then think how you can send email notification to all of them. We only have a option to send automated email.

My choice is only one Automatic Mail Sender 8.0, what is your choice.

See Product Full Features Details. Check this list which may be beneficial for you.

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