Does Alt Tag in SEO still matter?

how to add Alt tags of images: code example

Alt tags of images


When I started working with Veom Infotech in 2013 as an SEO Strategist, it was a day where people did care about alt tags. We had many clients who do not care about this, I analyzed that Alt tags really matters in SEO ranking. One day, there were a project in which no alt tags we found, but there were many images had been used in their website. We had suggested to fill all alt tags of their images. What we saw that ranking just got increased by this activity. Even their one to fifty images were on top on Google. Then I realized the importance of Alt tags in SEO campaign. We should not ignore ‘Alt Tag’ any more.

Impact of Alt Tags in Google Ranking

We had started using alt tags in each and every projects. This is really important tags which still matters with other meta tags like Title, Description, Keywords, headings etc. Google does not read your images directly, its algorithm reads your image’s alt tags to check its relevancy and give top results in their SERP. You have nothing to do with your images, only you need to describe your images briefly to let search engines understand.

Example of alt tags

Suppose you are using one image named “image234.jpg” and it is about Car GPS. Then the ALT tag of that image should be ‘Car-GPS’ and image name would be CarGPS.jpg. All is done. Now you will see great traffic of that images in Google SERP on this keyword named Car GPS.

Alt Tags example of a picture of a law firm. Have a look :’ABC Law Firm and Attorneys in California’.

Images are the assets of website

If your website’s images so called ‘Assets of your website’ are on top of Google, you will get not only your web traffic increased but also you will get many queries and contacts. Alt tags are still making huge difference in Search Engine Ranking and specially for Google and Bing. Pinterest, Photobucket, Instagram, Flicker are the top Image Website which are making huge difference too to SERP.

What are the best ways to phrase alt tags for SEO images?

I am still working in Veom Infotech and What do I see that many of the new clients do not know about alt tags. Even website designers ask that Why should we use alt tags for any images. We should recommend newbie client to use this features to rank on Search Engines and specially on Google. 6 out of 10 client deny to implement alt tags. They have to understand these things.

Uses of Alt tags

1. In Website Designing(All Images used in website designing)

2. Website Banners, Headers, Logo

3. Content Posting In SEO Off-page campaign like blog posting, Press Releases, Article writing, Image postings etc.

4. Use in Product Images in E-commerce Websites.

5. Images uploading in your Facebook, Google+, Picasa Albums

How to add alt text to images in wordpress

Conclusion: At Last

What do you find about alt tags?

Are you using alt tags for your website?

Do you feel that alt tags boost ranking?

Check this Google Guidelines to use alt tags smartly


Let me know your thoughts below!

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