Add Google Rich Snippets Reviews to increase CTR

Add Google Rich Snippets Reviews to increase CTR

There are many such blogger or wordpress website holder do not know about this Google Rich Snippets- Review Plugin to increase your CTR(Click Through Rate) on the search results. It means, if somebody will search on Google, your website will be listed with ratings on google like the following image.

You can install this plugin to your wordpress website, it will be applicable to your every posts. You can try Google Rich Snippets – Reviews. It has 5 out of 5 ratings. It increased the CTR rate on search results.

What is CTR(Click Through Rate)

Lot of people search the topic in the search engines and your website is listed on the search results, but there is no body click on your website link, and we worry about our website that getting less visitors. When somebody click on our website link then our website’s visitors will be increased. This is called CTR. We edit our website’s title, descriptions, linking, ratings, images etc to make it very impressive so that our website will look good and people love to click it.

I have done research a lot on structured markups, according to Paul Bruemmer, Website CTR can increase by 30% with structured markups i.e. Google Rick Snippets Reviews. There are many small/local business owners are getting benefits from this rich snippets reviews.

There are 3 top search engines of USA i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo are coming together to use Schema with the support from and Google is coming together to share the code with you, by these code, you can add certain element in Google search snippets like more links, reviews, locations, phone numbers, maps etc

Google rich snippets schema markup

Google rich snippets schema markup

These search snippets markup can help people to find the website in more helpful ways for good click through rates.

Types of Schema Markups

Local businesses
TV episodes and ratings
Book Reviews
Software Applications

There are many WordPress plugins available for schema markups also. You can search in WordPress Plugins section. Check the following WordPress Plugins for Schema Markups:

  1. Schema Creator
  2. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

You can give your opinion on increasing page CTR in the comment section.

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