SEO: A Guide Book 2014 SEO Strategies to the Search Engine Optimization Industry’s Secrets

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A Guide Book 2014 SEO Strategies to the Search Engine Optimization

A Guide Book 2014 SEO Strategies to the Search Engine Optimization Industry’s Secrets

Hello Friends,

Lot of competitions in Internet Marketing now, everyone wants to get their business online in this digital marketing era. I think this book will be helpful for all who want to success in SEO.

Google has revealed many updates in last 2 years and there are many revolution occured in SEO like keyword data, keyword ranking, long-tails, penguin, panda, Hummingbird etc.

There are many books in Amazon Kindle but I found this SEO book helpful for me and I would like to share with you all. Hope you also will find helpful to you. You must share your opinion on that. You can have to pay little penny, but not an issue. Education and updates by this book will recover all.


How to create a 301 Redirect

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301 Redirect

301 Redirect

Hello Friends,

I have been researching in SEO since long and what did I feel that you have changed some pages or URLs, you can put 301 permanent redirection to redirect to new URL from old URL. 301 Redirection code will tell the search engine that old URLs have been changed to new URLs.

Features of 301 Redirect

  • Search Engine Friendly Method
  • Change Page URLs with 301 redirects
  • Permanently moved to a new location
  • Can remove canonical issues(redirects to only – webmaster can also be used to solve it
  • Google understand these ( and as a different URL.
  • Google recommends using a 301 redirect to change the URL of a page as it is shown in search engine results
Have a look this presentation in which you will come to know about all 301 redirect code like PHP, .htaccess, Java, ASP,, Ruby, CGI Perm, IIS, Cold Fusion.


Share your opinions here.

The Rules of Link Building – Moz Whiteboard Friday 4th April 2014


Hello Friends,

Are you still building links in bad DA-PA websites? Are you following your Team Leader’s statement, listen to your research also, you can research online and based on your own search, you can build links for your website. Link Building is still the game changer and play a great role in online promotion.

Do not stop yourself to build links. There are many things which you need to know so that you will build only quality links. Just take care about new Google updates and policies, which can make you winner of the current scenario of marketing.

Some one said, SEO is different than marketing, I do not think that, as now the meaning of SEO has completely changed and keyword ranking is already dead. All about quality contents and links matters in SEO.

I am going to share MOZ Whiteboard Friday(4th April 2014) on “The Rules of Link Building” and feeling great to write this post.

The Rule of Link Building

The Rule of Link Building

Pictures Courtesy by MOZ

Cyrus Shepard has mentioned the following good points:

Beware links you control
Be cautious with links that scale
Don’t ask for anchor text
Don’t link externally in the footer
Avoid site-wide links
Keep doing link building!
Focus on distribution
Do some outreach
Link value = traffic quality
Embrace the nofollow

There are many good link building practices as compared to building manually, try to earn links rather than creating.



Hope this Moz video can help us to win the link building game. Happy Weekend.


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