How do i Comment in various Programming Languages

Comment is all about the text which you want to write your own descriptions of the code that compiler ignore. It is always added to make the code understandable. The Syntax and rules for comments vary language to language.

Comments are generally formatted as block comments (also called prologue comments or stream comments) or line comments (also called inline comments).

Block comments delimit a region of source code in which the region is allowed to span multiple lines. This region is specified with a start delimiter and an end delimiter. Some programming languages (such as MATLAB) allow block comments to be recursively nested inside one another, but others (such as Java) do not.

How do i Comment in various Programming Languages
How do i Comment in various Programming Languages?

Line comments either start with a comment delimiter and continue until the end of the line, or in some cases, start at a specific column (character line offset) in the source code, and continue until the end of the line.

Some programming languages employ both block and line comments with different comment delimiters. For example, C++ has block comments delimited by /* and */ that can span multiple lines and line comments delimited by //. Other languages support only one type of comment. For example, Ada comments are line comments: they start with — and continue to the end of the line.

These are the following programming languages with comments type:

1. C

// this line will be ignored by the compiler /* these lines   will be ignored   by the compiler */ x = *p/*q;  /* note: this comment starts after the ‘p’ */

2. C++

/* This is a single line comment */
// This is a single one line comment
/*   This is a multiple line comment*/

3. C#


///summary description

/* This is a multi-line comment   and continues until the end   of comment symbol is reached */

4. Java


* Registers the text to display in a tool tip.   The text

* displays when the cursor lingers over the component.


* @param text  the string to display.  If the text is null,

*              the tool tip is turned off for this component.


public void setToolTipText(String text) {

5. VB

‘ Requirements:

‘ Requires advapi.dll and Windows 98/NT+

‘ ********************* Comments
In VB There is no multiline commentapostrophe is the only comment marker in vb. net


<!–This is a comment. Comments are not displayed in the browser–>

7. XML

The syntax for writing comments in XML is similar to that of HTML.
<!– This is a comment –>

8. ASP


‘Hello I am a comment

Dim newVar1, newVar2

‘Dim oldVar1, oldVar2


9. PHP

In PHP, we use // to make a one-line comment or /* and */ to make a comment block:

10. Unix Shell Scripts

Comment lines in unix Shell script start with a hash character.# commentmycommand myparameters

# comment
There is no multiline comment option in shell scripting
Alternatively we can use this
: <<‘END’

comments’ here

and here


11. Oracle

With /*…*/, as in C.

With a line that begins with two dashes –.

— This is a comment

SELECT * /* and so is this */

12. SQL

Comments in SQL are in single-line-only form, when using two dashes:

— This is a single line comment

— followed by a second line

SELECT COUNT(*)        FROM Authors       WHERE = ‘Smith’; — Note: we only want ‘smith’                                     — this comment appears after SQL code
The syntax for Transact-SQL also supports alternative formats for specifying comments. One format supported by this syntax is identical to the “block comment” style used in the syntax for C++ and Java.

/*This is a comment line 1This is a comment line 2*/

SELECT COUNT(*)       FROM Authors

13. F#

//singleline commment
(* This is a comment *)

(* Sample hello world program *)

printfn “Hello World!”

14. Matlab

Comment lines begin with the character ‘%’, and anything after a ‘%’ character is ignored by the interpreter. The % character itself only tells the interpreter to ignore the remainder of the same line.
% Calculate average velocity, assuming acceleration is constant% and a frictionless environment.

15. Cold Fusion

<!— This prints “Hello World” to the browser. —>

<cfoutput>   Hello World<br /> </cfoutput>

16. Fortran IV


C Lines that begin with ‘C’ (in the first or ‘comment’ column) are comments


WRITE (6,10)    10 FORMAT(12H HELLO WORLD)       END

17. Fortran 90

!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

!*All characters after an exclamation mark are considered as comments *

!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PRINT “WIKIPEDIA” ! Fortran 90 introduced the option for inline comments.


18. Objective CAML

codeLine(* comment level 1(*comment level 2*)*)

19. Perl


my $s = “Wikipedia”; # Sets the variable s to “Wikipedia”.

print $s . “\n”;     # Add a newline character after printing for shells that do not do so automatically.

20. Python

#!/usr/bin/env python

# this program prints “Hello World” to the screen and then quits.

print “Hello World!”
def foo(x, y):

”’Frobnicate the bar and baz

together with one another”’

return frob(frob(x), frob(y))

21. Ruby

Single line commenting: (line starts with hash “#”)

puts “This is not a comment”

#this is commented

puts “This is not a comment”
Multi-line commenting: (comments goes between keywords “begin” and “end”)

puts “This is not a comment”


whatever goes in here

will be ignored 🙂


puts “This is not a comment”

22. Haskell

Single line comments in Haskell start with ‘–‘ (two dashes), and multiple line comments start with ‘{-‘ and end with ‘-}’.

{- this is a comment

on more lines -}

— and this is a comment on one line

putStrLn “Wikipedia”

23. Basic Classic

In FORTRAN, BASIC, and COBOL languages, comments are full lines; and each comment is begun by a specific comment mark in a fixed position on the line. In BASIC,  REMark lines start with REM.


030 REM    JULY 4, 1965

040 LET A = 1


COBOL has a similar style of comments. An asterisk has to be put in position 7, and then the rest of the line is a comment. COBOL labels have to start in position 8 or later, and COBOL statements have to start in position 12 or later. Here are how comments would look in COBOL:



010030*   JULY 4, 1959

010035 START-LOOP.

010040       MOVE 1 TO A.

25. Assembly Language

End of line comment

;  (semicolon)


MySQL Server supports three comment styles:
From a “#” character to the end of the line.
From a “– ” sequence to the end of the line. This style is supported as of MySQL 3.23.3. In MySQL, the “– ” (double-dash) comment style requires the second dash to be followed by at least one whitespace or control character (such as a space, tab, newline, and so on). This syntax differs slightly from standard SQL comment syntax, as discussed in Section, “’–‘ as the Start of a Comment”.
From a /* sequence to the following */ sequence, as in the C programming language. This syntax enables a comment to extend over multiple lines because the beginning and closing sequences need not be on the same line.

Thanks for your Attentions

Give your suggestion on Comment in various Programming Languages, we will update.

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Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

Buzzler Business Directory Theme

An amazing premium listing theme, Buzzler, is the ideal business directory software and theme for medium and small business owners.

Buzzler is a very exciting WordPress directory theme and one of the best software for WordPress. Launching a new review website or a launch directory is very simple with its reach feature framework; this will help in making money from the word go after Buzzler has been downloaded.

The addition of geotagging and geolocation capabilities and use of Google maps is a major plus, as launching geo map directory becomes a breeze, all thanks to this feature.

Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

The feature-rich admin area allows the user to take control of everything happening on the directory website, therefore making it easy to access everything. The Buzzler directory theme allows the admin to change layout, color, design and a lot more; the user can customize everything and give the website a unique look, a life and individuality of its own, thus helping in making it standing out.

The predefined payment packages make it really easy to define fee, paid and featured listings that apart, it also helps with user membership. The best part is that it can be easily integrated with BuddyPress, and thus making it a review network website which is on the same lines as Yelp.

Mentioned below are some of the key features of Buzzler. These features show all the available monetization tools, it also helps in enlightening with how to make money using Buzzler. It has amazing wordpress themes and some fantastic tools to help grow your blog in no time.

WordPress Business Directory Script

  1. Multiple monetization tools

Buzzler has multiple advertising spots, hence making it easier to squeeze money from your website; charging for a featured listing, or normal listing becomes really easy. Selling membership or charging per listing image is equally simple. A free website directory is available and selling advertising spots is a cake walk.

  1. Easy color picker

The color picker tool allows users to mix and match different colors in order to make the website stand out. Combining various layouts and colors leads to some of the most interesting results. The user has total control over the creation of the website, and the user interface can be used by a newbie as well.

  1. Multiple layouts

The admin settings allow the user to choose between 5 layouts, a number of widgets can be dragged even on the homepage. Installing sliders and fancy scripts is a breeze.

  1. Custom User Dashboard

The user as a private dashboard through which the current listings can be controlled, also new listings can be added to the watch list. Personal details can be altered and the best part is that reviews can also be controlled.

Features of Buzzler Business Directory Theme

  1. Multi-language use

The use of GNU gettext WordPress localization framework allows all the strings to be kept in a pot/po file which is a massive advantage. A special tool called POEDIT can be used to translate an English file into native or any other language.

  1. Social connect

Buzzler supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Yahoo login option, thus allowing users to log onto to the website using their social media accounts.

  1. Custom Fields

Buzzler has its own form builder which allows the user to add a custom field for each category, whenever they are posting a listing.

  1. Extra file uploads

The addition to file uploads really helps in adding extra information in the form of DOC, ZIP, PDF and other file formats.

  1. The bookmark system

The user can easily use bookmarks to add to their favorite list which they can easily watch later. It is a useful tool for returning users and customers.

  1. Advanced search feature

The user can easily search based on location, category, plus radius, custom fields on the basis of their address or zip code.

Payment option available of Buzzler theme

  1. Payment Gateways

Buzzler has a number of integrated payment gateways for collecting money. So Moneybookers, PayPal, Payza etc are available.

  1. Claim listings

In case the user’s business has been posted on the website by someone else the listings can be claimed easily by using a special feature.

Buzzler Business Directory Theme WordPress

Download wordpress themes free
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WordPress Classified Ads Theme Download

WordPress Classified Ads Theme 2018 Download

Transforming your WP website into a good and optimized classified website has become very simple with the classified theme. It is a premium WordPress theme which can be set up even by a novice. No additional plug-ins are required, and the theme is 100% responsive as well.

Download WordPress Classified Ads Theme
Download WordPress Classified Ads Theme

Classified Ads WordPress Theme by Sitemile

There are many useful features such as AlertPay, PayPal,, Google Checkout integration, auto delete odd posts, ad running period and much more. Any blog can very simply be converted into any classified ads site, like real estate sites, PC ads, food ads, car ads, high-tech ads sites, etc.

The custom input field allows users to do absolutely anything. The sitemile theme framework ensures that the site comes with the best-classified ads software. Plus, this theme is available at a lesser lower price compared to its competitive themes. The SEO optimization helps in indexing the website on various popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. Some of the main features of this theme have been listed below.

WordPress Classified Ads Theme Features

  1. Classified ad posting

Making featured ads becomes really easy with this theme. The custom post type ads are very easy to add from WordPress admin. Plus things such as assigning location, assigning categories, assigning tags, setting ad price, etc. becomes a cake walk with the use of this theme.

  1. Responsive Design

The WordPress classified ads theme website can be made to look nice and professional on any device all thanks to the responsive design of this theme. The theme auto-adjusts to all devices, be it a mobile phone, computer or tablets.

  1. Plug and Play feature

There is no need to install anything extra for this theme to become operative. The plug and play theme allows even novices to use it easily without adding extra scripts to run the ads. The installation process is also fairly simple.

Latest Feature Classified WordPress Theme

  1. Google Support

This theme has Google Maps with Street Views, this means the ad location can be tracked very easily. Google analytics are fully supported and integrated, one needs to just paste the tracking code and get started with this theme.

  1. E-mail notification

The users get notified via e-mail whenever they post an ad on the website. A report violation feature is also added if it is required. Notifications are also available for expiring ads and for newly registered users.

  1. Payment gateways

The theme already has a payment system integrated, which supports AlertPay, PayPal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout and Also, custom integration of any payment gateway is also provided.

  1. Custom Fields

Custom fields such as text areas, text fields, select boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons can be added from the back end. The custom field can be easily created based on category as well.

  1. Multi Currency Support

Multi Currency support is also offered by this theme. Currencies such as U.S Dollars, Euro, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen and Brazilian real, are supported along with many other currencies as well.

Classified Ads with Latest WordPress Support

  1. User Profiles

Each user has all his or her ads posted under their user profile. The user can provide with contact information in the configurable bio.

  1. WordPress 4.6.1 Support

The latest version of WordPress is supported by this classifieds theme. It works flawlessly every time the theme is updated with the latest WordPress version.

  1. Blog Support

The blog feature of the site is supported all thanks to custom post types. The content is unharmed and undisturbed, it is the same as it was before the classifieds theme was installed.

  1. Facebook and Twitter integration

This tool is great for generating traffic on the website. Both these social media website, have a share button which makes it really to like and share auctions.

  1. User control

The user has full control to an ad, they can add, delete, as well as to edit via their specific account area. Users can also buy membership packs and use coupons while paying for ads.

  1. Lifetime support

The theme offers unlimited access to future updates. Users can easily go through the forums which have answers to all questions related to the theme.

Download Wordpress Classified Ads Theme

Download wordpress themes free
Download wordpress themes free
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How Important Writing on Internet Marketing

How Important Writing on Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the process aimed to set up online advertising and sell out products or services on the net. Today, this is the most popular and common type of commerce.

The contextual digital advertising, leads, optimization, SEO, social networks promotion, content management, usability, copy writing, web analytics, viral videos are the key terms of online commerce. In fact, all of these smart words are parts of a single whole, so those who just think about setting up the web business, there is a requirement to be aware of the answer to the questions: what is e-marketing and what is it for?

Importance of content marketing in digital marketing

As it has been already mentioned, the Internet has long ceased to be merely a way of transmitting information (media), turning into a place of advertising and full-fledged sales channel, which permit achieving the fastest conversion, or the transition of standard visitors to potential and then real customers.

How Important Writing on Internet Marketing
How Important Writing on Internet Marketing

With the help of the Internet, in addition to brand advertising and the sale of goods, information, ideas, services that somehow bring profit to its owners gradually began to move forward.

There are hundreds of web business strategies that you can use to sell different products and services. Some of them can help you to achieve the goal of sales increasing, while others will only make you doubt about marketing efficiency though.

So what is the most cost-effective way to promote the website and increase the sales?

Content marketing is the answer to all your questions! The best way to increase the traffic, sales, consumers’ trust and ranking in the search engines is writing of a useful content of high-quality with the following distribution on hundreds of websites, email lists, and catalogs.

Today the Internet became a fully-fledged environment for implementing all the aspects of traditional commerce, including pricing, product placement, and promotion. Every modern entrepreneur tends to open the door of the web commerce to the potential, as well as actual customers. And there are more and more consumers who are interested in this kind of trade all over the world.

The group of experts of the internet marketing business searched for the reasons why writing is important on internet marketing. But, in order to explain the significance of the content, there is a need to give online marketing definition.

Importance of Content Marketing in Internet Marketing
Importance of Content Marketing in Internet Marketing

E-selling is the set of actions aimed to promote products and services on the internet. The main goal of online commerce is to turn the visitors of the website into the hypothetical consumer and increase the sales profit.

Content writing attracts the visitors to your website

When you write and post articles on your website, you create a self-generating marketing machine that creates a constant flow of visitors. Every day, millions of people are looking for something on the Internet. They search for the latest products, services, strategies, and tips to get the most out of business and life. The Internet is the No. 1 source for people who want to buy sell something.

Writing raises the attendance and increases search engine ranking of the site

When alternative websites post your articles, they must indicate you as the author and put a link to your site. The more websites publish your article, the more links you get. When your article is published on thousands of sites, you automatically get thousands of links to your website. If hundreds or even thousands of links lead to your site, this will greatly increase your search rating, traffic, and sales.

If you have just created a website, it may take several months before Google ranks it to the top page of the search results. But if you write and publish articles on authoritative sites, Google will index them much faster than if they were on your own, new website. So, when you post your articles on other authoritative (promoted and frequently visited by users) sites, you start getting traffic from the very beginning.

Due to the content, your readers quickly become your buyers

If people trust you, they would like to buy something from you. Quality and interesting content are the critical elements to earn trust among the consumers. It is for the reason that content marketing has a significant impact on sales.

Write articles about how your product or service can solve problems, describe their benefits, and these articles will be able to multiply your marketing efforts and push your hypothetical customers to purchase.

Long-term perspective of content marketing

Content marketing is a long-term strategy, which can work for the benefit of your web business to attract new customers and retain existing ones in the long term.

Your articles remain on the search engines and will be able to attract traffic for an extended period of time. Content marketing creates regular traffic, which constantly attracts visitors and prepares them to take advantage of your services. If you attract potential customers to the website, try to get their e-mail address to sign up for a newsletter to get in touch with your potential customers.

Business owners are always looking for opportunities to market their products and attract customers with minimal financial investments.

Scientists from the Missouri University of Science and Technology found out that users have 5-6 seconds to navigate through the online store. If the resource is complex, incomprehensible, they will not waste time studying it.

To attract and retain the attention of a potential customer, the online store requires thoughtful, understandable and convincing text content with keywords. SEO-copy writing is aimed to create modern content for online marketing.

Prices for these services differ, but practice shows that cheap articles are rarely effective, and orders on exchanges often end with the proverb “A cheapskate pays twice”.

There is another advantage of a high-quality content. According to the results of Corporate Executive Board research, web stores should dedicate more time and affords for the process of content writing. It turned out that visitors are not inclined to analyze a large amount of information in order to allocate the necessary minimum of information. When choosing a particular brand, they prefer a one that provides them with useful and truthful information in a simple way, facilitating their choice.

If a visitor sees mistakes in a text on the website, finds the contradiction of the information, then it is unlikely to leave an application or apply for clarifications to an employee of the online store. People trust their first impression and often do not want to change it.

Writing promotion is necessary for any type of company, regardless of its “age”. At the initial stage, the website needs to gain a foothold in search results and to keep the achieved positions in the future.

In other words, informative and readable texts are one of those factors that influence the user’s decision to buy. It is important that the content emphasizes the reliability and expertise of the company.

In order to fulfill its role, the text content must be created according to the psychological characteristics of the target audience, by using effective methods of copy writing and selling chips. It is important to think through each word, otherwise, it will not be possible to make the right impression on the target audience. Use the texts to promote your online store to get “loyalty” to customers and search engines.

Web commerce is a continuous process, aimed to strengthen the positions of your brand online, attract and retain customers and, most importantly, increase the sales.

Traditional media are gradually fading away, giving way to new means of communication, not only because of their accessibility to the audience but also through the ability to monitor changes in the process more accurately, which is a big advantage over the usual form of doing business.

Sandra Hayward is a 37-year old American journalist, blogger, and writer at She is known for her work as an editor at the leading newspapers in the USA. Sandra is keen on importance of online business strategies, content writing, online marketing and she usually give public talks on the above mentioned topics.


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What’s the easiest way to make part time money online?

What’s the easiest way to make part time money online?

Making Part time Money is not a easy job, you have to be more educated to earn money. To earn money, what you do, you just complete your study and do your own business or take job in any company then you start earning money, then say? how it is easy to earn part time money online.

But, if you are having some time and really want to earn some part time money for you and your family, then it is possible, that you can earn money online. There are various ways to earn money from internet.

The only thing, you should have internet connection and your computer at your home. People generally come from the office and not able to do other things except sleeping. If you do more labour at home, you can earn some extra part time money.

easiest way to make part time money online
easiest way to make part time money online

What to do to make part time money online

Like Google, yahoo are the such companies who runs PPC(pay per click) program, you just start your own blog and website and put their ads in your blog and website, when some body click on that ads, you will earn money from each clicking. This is the truth. For that you should have good blog content and well established website to earn.


You just start writing blogs first in blogger or any other blog site like wordpress, or you can purchase your own domain and hosting for your own website.

Put many contents in your website, it should be unique and useful.

Apply for Google ad or yahoo ads

When approved, put the ads code in your website

That’s ALL, now keep writing and promoting them and keep earning.

Earn Money From Youtube Videos

Make money typing jobs

Any way I can make money online when I can type about 50 words per minute

Guys, if you know, how to type, then you can earn money from your typing speed. There are many data entry jobs available in the market. They provide many offers like book typing jobs, form filling jobs etc in freelancing.

You have to find out the company which would not be spam. There are many spam company also available in the market who just deceive you and ask money from you against joining.

One of the case study I have experienced with some of my friends, a group of friends went to delhi for study, on the starting phase, they were searching some part time job for their pocket money. They read a advertisement in the paper of typing jobs in Delhi.

They visited the company office and have been asked for money Rs 1500 each by the company. They all are stuck and convinced from that company and paid money, after paid of money, they have got some assignment work in CD to type from JPEG format to Word format.

All people worked hard for one week and submitted work after one week. They denied their work and said, you will not be able to do that. Go, they started asking money refund, but company denied for that also. See, the company was fake, they do collect money from the party and cheated them.

This kind of things happens in the market, so you just take care of that company which is fake. Do not believe blindly.

By the way if you have good typing speed, there are many good companies which gives freelancing work to you upon signing the agreement. You can work as a freelancer in oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, fiverr websites, or any other job portals to earn money from that.

Some of the company who require typing speed only to hire them. In typing, there are many good opportunities, you should not be disappointed for and keep searching. You can see classified online or in the newspaper classified.

Typing jobs can be your full time jobs sometime, When you are studying in your college, it is the only options to earn some part time money from internet after typing some of the books or any other typing work.

Typing Jobs Options

1. Book Typing work
2. Form Filling Work
3. Typing from picture file to word file
4. From word to PDF
5. Blogging and Selling Ad slot
6. Typing work in content writing jobs

If you have good writing skills with typing speed, There are some where like Squidoo writing jobs, you can write your own content and can work in the company or start your own blog to earn from it.

Making Money with PTC Websites, Advertisements

When I came to know about these PTC websites, I just confused and wondered that how would I make money with these websites. In later research, I came to know these websites are real and used to pay.

I had been late to know about these website, ClixSense has started its service since 2007 and have been paid a lot to its members and users.

I will tell you, what is all about. Clixsense is PTC(Paid-to-Click) website which is the mean between advertisers and publishers, they provide very low cost advertising tool to its advertisers and opened a very good tool for publishers too. The only difference between Google Adword and ClixSense is that it shows ads in its website itself. It gives money to its members to show and click on that various kinds of ads and surveys.

If members click on that ads, they will be paid by ClixSense and also provide referral earning. The same story with Neobux. These PTC websites are getting popular day by day, you know why? Because they pay to its members.

This was my review on ClixSense, you can do more research on the internet about these sites and earn some part time money from Internet by Clicking only.

How to earn extra part time money from tutoring and teaching others

Guys if you are working in your technology and doing research in particular technology, if you can help others by tutoring and teaching online, so that the person who is searching the teachers on that particular technology can be benefited from you.

You have studied a lot and completed your higher qualification. You can help others in the world. The SmartThinking and Tutor are the great platform to help others and guide them online in your technology.

I know, every people want to earn some part time money too apart from their jobs and business. If you are the one, just login to such websites and start your tutoring and teach the needy people.

Language Teaching

If you are a good speaker and can speak the foreign language fluently, you can teach the others who are searching to learn professional languages from professional speakers. You can also login in these websites.

Earn from Freelance which is the easiest way to make money online

If you are also willing to give such services, like take an example… Let’s say if you are a good language speaker and writer too, you can start selling your writing skills and can help the others who are looking for writing such articles, documents, press realeases etc in particular language which you know.

Another example, Let’s say, if you are a programmer of any programming languages, you can also help others who are looking for to short out their coding problems, instead of that, you can have some money also. So what are thinking, just login such freelance websites like Fiverr, Elance, Guru, Odesk etc and start making money from it.

Do you want to do only your jobs? Are you little creative? then just login to Fiverr and make your gigs which would be the easiest way to make money online.

Making money online is tough when

Each and every person who believe on making money online, if they saw some people making money from the internet and can rely on it, they can also earn part time money. Everyone can treat it tough when:

1. If you are a new blogger and thinking to start a new blog and do not have time for that. You never can make money online till you not started. Due to wrong daily routines, you can not give time to your blog or website after your office hours. You returned from the office and involved in other works.

2. If you are old blogger and can not write for your blog due to laziness, procrastination, busyness, due to other works, you can not make money from your blog. From these things, you have to rescue yourself and motivates yourself, so that you can post daily in your blog for your visitors.

You have to make correct routines for your blog and left lazyness. You should stay with your good friends who motivates you. Sometimes it happens that where you live with your friends, your all friends can not believe on your activity making money online. Stay out of them and make some friends who motivates you rather than demotivates.

Making money is not so tough, but the only thing you have to believe on that and start your own blog on your interested niche domain and start writing and earn from your blog.

You can also give your opinion in the comment section on way to make part time money online.