Robotstxt vs relnofollow vs meta robots nofollow Guide

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Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to share with you the most important files and tags in SEO i.e. Robots.txt and robot tags.

Suppose, you designed a website and uploaded on the server and you do not let your pages crawled in Search Engines. What will you do? You have many options available with you like you can give instructions to search engine that do not crawl the particular pages of your website or do not crawl this contents or do not follow the particular links to pass page rank juice. This presentation will help you out.

Makes sure that you will use wildcards in robots.txt very carefully. A Single line of code can harm your website ranking and traffic. One case study I would like to share with you. Before some time, when I was new to this, have used wildcards incorrectly in robots.txt. Our web pages have not been crawled by Search Engines due to that wildcard(*). Then I got understand about it. So, you should also take care about this. Have a look this presentation based on Robots.txt and some robots tags.

Top Steps to do to reach on Top 10 Rankings on Google

Hello Friends,

You know, this is the ERA of Internet Marketing and Everyone wants to reach on Google Top 10 Ranking to grow their business. People who are not doing Job or they left Job and doing their own business, use to ask always that ‘How would I reach on Google Top 10 Ranking?’. It is always a question for him if they do not consult any expert who has good knowledge in this field.

I had the same question in my mind. Nobody wants to live with small resources. So, I have been researching that How to get top 10 rankings on Google. In previous years, there is a lot of changes we found on Google SERP. I, SEO Consultant at Veom Infotech and Freelance Writer at GSE Soft Solutions have made a list of some activities by which we can go on Top of Google like others, but need to take care of quality highly.


Competitor Research: It is very essential things to know better your competitors. You can select any of your keywords and check their ranking on Google; you will come to know your competitor rankings. Research well by finding their backlinks.


Make your link building Plan: On the basis of your competitor research, make your effective link building plan. Never leave your link building campaign in between.



Start Building links gradually, mean to say that start from low page rank websites to high page rank websites which looks like being natural.


Try to get Backlinks from Different and unique Anchor Texts, you can use different combinations of your keywords while making backlinks. Take care of Scaling of making backlinks like keyword linking, brand linking, row URL linking, website URL linking etc.


Follow the Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula; increase the referring domains of your website.


Content Marketing (Blogging, videos, Images, Slides, Articles, Press Releases etc)


Try to make links of your inner pages not only Home page.


Try to get links from Various Google Page Rank Websites naturally.


On-page SEO is the most important factor to reach on top. Increase your website contents with number of relevant pages and do proper On-page SEO of all pages like generating Sitemap, keyword optimization, Meta tags, headers, images etc.

100+ SEO Ranking Factor We Should Know


Never leave your link building campaign in between, it can hurt your website ranking. There is a a need of your patience because SEO is like Zym.


How to get top 10 ranking in Google.

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